I've accepted that I'm always in this annoying photography block.  Not sure what exactly I want to tell with my images. I only know that I have the urge to capture everything. Life seems to be one big project. And during this experience I come across things I probably want to make. There is no correlation between topics. This is not a portfolio, more a scrapbook or diary and never finished. Some topics are just an idea. I'm not sure they'll end up as a proper series.

Colour on Wheels
From the wall to the pole
Follow the leader
Pedestrian Crossing Adventures
You are not alone - I see you
Do you know Buko?
One with nature
Weesp, the place to be?
Fantasy Goals
Strange Bike Rides
Work and Chill
Almost Watch Out
Happy Place
Get me out of here
The end or the beginning
Hide and seek
Where's your head at
Lost Objects - Just leave it there
Restricted Areas
It's an Omen
My favourite busstop
All Packed
Disneyland not in Paris
Everybody Pickup
Travel through your home
Chinese Beer Gasstation
Food on the move
Fun with Flags
Why Teddy?
Parasols for all conditions
We are with many
Ducktape is Canta's best Friend
I don't take selfies
Social Distance
The youth of today
Behind the glass
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