Amsterdam 120​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Mini projects - only one roll of 120mm and 8 exposures with the Kodak Brownie No2 Model F from 1924.
Aperture on this box is by default F16 (you can change this to F22 and F32). Shutter-speed is approximately 1/50 (or even 1/30) or you can change it to Bulb.
The camera was from the great grandma from my kids. We cleaned it and we were very surprised of the unexposed film that was still in there. Must have been 50 years expired.
01. Amsterdam Flevopark
2024 June 9, afternoon, ILFord HP 5 Plus expired +/- 50 years
02. Amsterdam Sciencepark
2024 July 8, around 11.00, Fomapan, ISO 200
03. Amsterdam Central Station
2024 July 11, around 10.00, Fomapan, ISO 400
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