On the street with Vamsi, Peter de Witte and Caspar Gim
2023, December 08
I've those nice conversations with Peter, especially when he tells me about great older gear to buy. Oh man, GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is coming up again. 

You know what, let's shoot tomorrow and let's do a slow shooting day.
Well I can tell you ...  our mini tripod stick and monopod remained collapsed.
We are just fast movers :-) 
Caspar, on the other hand, was a bit slower today. He tested the 50mm F0.95 Meike lens. He had to focus more manually and from a little further away than normal which slowed him down, but that was a good thing - the results are amazing.
Great that Vamsi also joined us. All the way from Nijmegen. First to Amsterdam to shoot together for a while and then to Rotterdam to have his film developed. 
I find film fascinating, but it can be expensive but Vamsi gave me some good tips on how to do it more cost-effectively. 
Another thing to think about ... now I want to shoot more film again!
All of us at work
Some of Vamsi's shots from today
© Vamsi

Some of Caspar Gim's shots from today
© Caspar Gim

Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​