Photowalk with Stephen Lake
2023, October 10
Last week we had to end our photo walk early due to rain. Today it's time for a new session.
We had quite a walk today. We met at Artis and walked via the UVA Campus and Wibautstraat to the Transvaalbuurt. Then we went through Oostpoort, the Indische Buurt and via the Dappermarkt to the Sarphatistraat ... and then, why not, all the way to the Albert Cuyp market. At the Stadhouderskade, after 3 hours, we went our separate ways again.

I'm happy seeing Stephen working with his rangefinder. Because I'm left eye dominant I have a big issue seeing correctly through rangefinders.
I literally can't see anything by putting my right eye in front of the viewfinder. It does work if I close my left eye with my hand. 
Only then does my eye apparently focus. But what I only realized today... even though I don't immediately see anything through it. I am at eye level for the photo. So that can still work well because even if I don't look through the viewfinder, I still look at what I want to photograph.

In addition to the GR, I shot today with the Kodak Ektar H35 plastic camera. A half frame so I could shoot 72 times, a bit of a challenge. I'm wonder what it turned out to be. I was more curious if I can do street photography with this.
First I will select and edit the GR photos. Then develop the film ... I do this fairly quickly with the Agfa Rondinax 35U day tank ... a small video here.
Stephen Lake at work
Some of Stephen Lake's shots from today
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
So... I wanted to quickly develop the film before making dinner. And of course ... I'm winding the film wrongly on the spool. Anyway, I was still able to save 42 photos. But to say that it turned out well is another matter. I'll give it a try with my Olympus MJU II. Better faster lens.
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