Photowalk Rob Zwerink
2023, November 24
Nice that Rob chose Westergas as a starting point.
It's always good to explore other areas in your own town. When I do my street observation in the center of Amsterdam I've a different mindset then in these type of areas where it is a bit quieter for me.
You will then pay attention to other things and you will be less in a hurry to hunt. That realisation is also good to take with you when you go back into the hustle and bustle. No need to do everything at 120 km per hour.
We didn't shot so much but talked a lot about our creative desire which moved us also away also from our corporate work. Rob made a big decision to change everything and fully commit to his photography.
He has been studying at the photography school for a year and a half now. Something I find very admirable. Because it does require a commitment.
The next time we go for a photowalk, we will go more into the crowds. Then I can show my ninja moves :-)
When we walked in Bos en Lommer we saw this dog standing by the window, which gave a nice image with the cat poster at the pet store. Coincidentally, the owner came out and thought we were the "advertising" police. No, just shooting the streets...  he was already afraid if this was really advertising where he had to pay for extra.
Rob at work
Some of Rob Zwerink's shots from today
© Rob Zwerink
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Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​