Photowalk with Rob Godfried
2023, October 18
I met Rob when I was still a member of the Amsterdam photo club NAFVA. 
We even took a personal documentary photography workshop together. 
But walking on the street had not yet happened. Although Rob had asked it before. Nevertheless, today we finally made that walk!
Although I always saw myself as the one and only cycling street photographer, Rob is the real one. From Amsterdam Centraal Station we went to the Westerpark where we parked our bikes. From there we took a tour of the Westergas area and then entered the Waterwijk and Staatsliedenbuurt. 
When we arrived at the GWL site, Rob met a man for whom he had previously done a photography job. Very friendly and proud, the man (sorry forgot his name) showed us the renovation of the community center. It is wonderful to see the history of this part of the city. And how old things get a new purpose and life.
After we grabbed our bikes again we went back to the center where we entered the Haarlemmerstraat from the Korte Prinsengracht. We turned around again on the Nieuwendijk because I had to be back at Central Station at 1:00 PM for another photo walk.
It was a fun and enjoyable walk and ride with Rob and it is nice to hear how involved he is with many photography projects.
Make sure to check out his website!

Something else I tried today ...
Lately I want something more than the 40mm of the Ricoh GR IIIX. To immediately buy a Ricoh GR III with 28mm might be going too far. And because I still have the Fuji XF10 (which was once a competitor of the GR) I was going to test it today. For some shots the slightly wider one really works. And I like that focal length. It actually works. But what didn't work is two devices at the same time. Although they of course fit perfectly in your left and right jacket pocket, you always reach for the one you shoot with the most
Rob Godfried at work
Some of Rob Godfried's shots from today
© Rob Godfried
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
I find it very funny that during such photo walks you sometimes see a certain object return more than once. For me in this photowalk it was the green watering can behind the window.
Just before we arrived at Central Station we saw this man with his broken front wheel and even the luggage rack in the back of his backpack. It was one of those times that we actually cycled back to capture this. We cycled around him a few times and he didn't even notice us. We really felt sorry for him.
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