Photowalk with Peter de Witte
2023, June 9
​​​​​Last month I had the pleasure to meet Peter de Witte during the photowalk at the Ricoh #shootGR_Amsterdam event. We decided to meet again soon. And today we met for a first quick walk in Amsterdam Centre.
Today Peter shoots with his Ricoh GR III and external Flash and I had my Ricoh GR IIIX.
Just love to see how Peter faces people. Most of the time they don't notice him shooting even with the Flash light.
But he's not afraid either to say something nice to people and ask if he can make a photo.
We walked a bit away from the Central Station towards Haarlemmerplein and went back to the Jordaan.
I only had an hour and a half so it was just really a quick one this time, however we agreed to do another one soon, not necessarily in Amsterdam.
Peter de Witte at work
Some of Peter de Witte shots from today
©Peter de Witte
Some of my shots from today
​​​​​​​I am happy with the image of the dog on the sidewalk that demands attention. 
Some last shots when biking home ...
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