Photowalk with Michiel Heijmans
2023, June 3
Now that the first issue of Dutch Street Magazine has been launched. It's time to go outside again.
I'm very pleased to see how many new contacts have been made through the magazine. And a good example is that Michiel Heijmans asked me last week if I felt like walking around, he would come to Amsterdam (today).
So we met at Central Station and talked and walked around the center for a little over two hours.
Coincidentally, we both attended the #shootGR_Amsterdam event last month from Ricoh. But we hadn't spoken to each other then.

Today Michiel shoots with his Fuji X100V and I had my Ricoh GR IIIX. 
It was good to hear that we are actually on quite the same journey in our photography. And that this went quite far by completely turning our lives around. It is not always easy to make a career switch into something you are good at and successful at. But at some point there is something that just forces you to do something else.
We are about the same age and have recently made this switch to do much more with photography and everything that comes with it. Not only by making photos and searching for the images how you want to express yourself, but also what surrounds it. For Michiel, for example, this also means giving workshops and publishing his first book "Straatfotobijbel".
We walked quite a bit and for me it was something different than quickly cycling past everything. It was fun to see how many similar things we see and want to capture. But also to see how easy it is to find a new addiction in the subjects you suddenly want to photograph. Thanks Michiel for calling your thing for yellow. 
I will definitely continue with these kind of photowalks even though I also like to make photos while cycling.
When I went home I almost bumped into this lady who wanted to cross the street with a coat over her head. 
Well, chaos everywhere. Or did I create this chaos myself by not letting her go ahead at the zebra crossing?
Anyway, now I have a new image for my series "Where's your head at" and "Pedestrian Crossing Adventures". Speaking of addictions…
I had two more images earlier when we just started walking for my addictions  "Superheroes" and "Smile".
Michiel Heijmans at work
Some of Michiel Heijman's shots from today
©Michiel Heijmans
Some of my shots from today
​​​​​​​I tried to do a bit more with color