Photowalk with Peter Nijsen
2023, October 13
What a pleasure to meet Peter today. Peter is the founder of the popular dutch street photography group StreetEye. Unfortunately he had to pull out the plug for this initiative. But his passion for the street and photography remains.
While drinking a coffee at Amsterdam Centraal Station we bumped, of course, into Caspar Gim. He was on his way for a photowalk today as well, with Elbert and Whyatt. It's so great to see how many people are always hitting the street. 
Maybe we would walk together later, but Peter and I decided to go ahead.
We walked through the back of Central Station towards the library on the Oosterdoskade. 
Where Peter showed me a good spot on the Oosterdokstraat, especially if the light stands out nicely (see the images below from the train). A good place to remember and definitely to go to again.
We continued via the Warmoesstraat towards Waterlooplein and then again via the Rokin to the book market at the Spui. A short distance across the Singel and back via Dam Square to Warmoesstraat.
And because it is Friday the 13th, we still had to spot a black cat. And yes...  we did spot the black cat .. and as Peter predicted correctly, "I will now have a delay with the train".
Next photowalk we will do in Amsterdam Oost!
Peter Nijsen at work
Some of Peter Nijsen's shots from today
© Peter Nijsen
IG: @peter_nijsen​​​​​​​
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
At Centraal Station I did another shoot out with Caspar and had a very quick meet & greet with Elbert. Unfortunately I didn't had any time anymore to do another walk. Time to pickup my son from school.
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