On the street with Peter de Witte
2023, December 15
It looks like Sinterklaas, I'm waiting excited for Peter when he arrives with the boat (just the ferry :-)). After he has arrived safely, I immediately start Peter's specialisation - I'm not going to take over this, but it came naturally today - photographing a dog. As you can see, not my thing. Well not fair to say that this is Peter's specialisation, his real signature is also the photographs of people with flash. Unfortunately, due to the type of light, this is not really possible today.

At the Singel, just before the Bulldog coffeeshop Peter saw this postmen dressed up as Santa. We were a second too late and Santa already jumped back in his Van. Quickly we walked behind the car, knowing he wouldn't drive far away. 
When he jumped out I asked him if it was okay to photograph him, after a HoHoHo he was fine. And it actually makes sense he would be okay, because otherwise you wouldn't go out dressed like that.
I don't like the posed photos but it's good to have permission. Afterwards you can still take the candid shot, as in this case when he rings the doorbell to deliver the package.
As always a lot of nice talking and walking, new ideas and some homework for a new initiative in 2024. More to come in the new year!
Peter at work
Some of Peter de Witte's shots from today
© Peter de Witte

Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​