Photowalk with Peter de Witte
2023, September 8
On Instagram I announced on Thursday that I was going to shoot on Friday at Waterlooplein and Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. Peter de Witte said he could come too. Great, because we had shot together before. So we met at Beursplein, walked towards Waterlooplein, drank an iced coffee and got to work. We walked a bit back again towards the centre.
We hung out on Dam Square for a while. That's a good thing because I usually walk around in a hurry. Being more in one place is actually quite good, there is so much interesting passing by. And another thing, you learn to know the scene. Therefore I'm happy with these flying pigeons below. Every now and then they startle and fly around. If you know that, you also know where they fly back to.
Peter de Witte at work
Some of Peter de Witte shots from today
©Peter de Witte
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​
I'm not really into themes...but somehow I couldn't avoid these.
Look at the last one with the two identical dresses. And how much better Peter's photo is.