Photowalk with Olivier van der Hagen
2023, December 04
The children are at school so both Olivier and I were able to meet up. We have walked a good distance. From the Rokin, via the Spui to the Kinkerstraat and Mercatorplein and back via the Admiraal de Ruijterweg, De Clercqstraat and Rozengracht to Dam Square.
Normally I don't approach someone to ask for a photo. But in this case I just had to ask this man with the pigeons on his shoulders if it was okay (no problem). 
No pigeons on Dam Square, just a man walking down the street in Jan Evertsenstraat.
Olivier at work
Some of Olivier's shots from today
© Olivier van der Hagen

Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
I had two more shots after our walk ...