On the street with Michiel van Mens
2024, January 24
Well ... not really a walk but a great talk.
Since last year I started walking with other street photographers.
The advantage is that it means I definitely go outside. 
And another big benefit is that all the conversations motivate me and others to set up fun projects together. This was also the case today with Michiel. 
We had been in contact via Dutch Street Magazine, but now it was time to really talk to each other over a cup of coffee. 
It therefore became more of a talk than a walk. 
We only walked up and down Damrak and Michiel showed me his light test on the phone :-) No other shots from him this morning.
The reason for still sharing this walk is to make sure you check his great images. 
Just like me we love our city and hitting the streets in Amsterdam as much as possible.
Michiel at work

Spotted by @ Caspar Gim

Michiel van Mens's work:
© Michiel van Mens
Website: vanmens.com
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The last three months I was more concerned with shooting people at close range. But I'm not going to focus on that anymore. The images don't really mean anything to me. Maybe I'll keep doing it to get/stay in the mood of continuous shooting to really get into the "zone". But they won't be the bangers.