Photowalk with Marijn Schulte
2023, September 14
How wonderful that Marijn Schulte approached me for an introduction. She was curious who was behind Dutch Street Magazine. We met on the corner of Molukkenstraat / Insulindeweg in Amsterdam Oost. After a super nice conversation at the Coffee Company, we went up and down the Dapperstraat a few times. It's actually quite nice not to have to walk much further than the Dappermarkt. The street is different every time. It's all about the urban scene and there is not always a need to rush.
A good point that Marijn brought to my attention is that you can be in your bubble on the street, in the here and now. Even though this is not meditation, you are in your own world without any stress.
Today it proved itself again that walking together is really nice. You talk to like-minded people, you are less noticeable and if you are standing somewhere talking together (i.e. waiting for an interesting subject or situation) it doesn't look strange.
Marijn at work
Some of Marijn her shots from today
©Marijn Schulte
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
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