Photowalk with Kitty de Jong
2023, July 14​​​​​​​
During the Ricoh GR event in May I spoke to Kitty de Jong for the first time.
Very nice to go out with her today. We met at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. From there we went on for a nice long walk. Via the Dappermarkt, past the windmill (De Gooyer) behind Artis to the Waterlooplein, to the Rokin and via the Dam back to Waterlooplein. 
When we went back to the Tropenmuseum via the Plantage Middenlaan, we decided to do an extra bit by walking via the Transvaalbuurt to the Middenweg before taking the bike again at the Tropenmuseum.
During the 4 hour walk we talked a lot about our experiences with the Ricoh GR. Kitty shot with the GR III and I with GR IIIX. I soon noticed that I have to install the new firmware because I didn't know the snap shot priority yet.

It was really nice to see that we have the same sort of shooting. Fast and in walking and almost never standing still. Although we both have the Fuji X100V too we decided for the GR. The way of shooting with the GR is just different. You think less about the perfect composition, the perfect settings, it's all more about what you feel around you and just shoot. 

I usually compare it to lomography (and the 10 golden rules) but digital.
We also talked a lot about the love-hate of Instagram and the frustration of the urge for recognition. Kitty handles this well. I'm still fighting it.
Even though I didn't know if it was good what I captured during the walk, afterwards I'm actually quite happy with the photos I shot. A little bit of post-processing and I have the images the way I want them. It just confirms that this way of shooting just suits me best.
Kitty de Jong at work
Some of Kitty de Jong her shots from today
©Kitty de Jong
Kitty shoots as fast as I do...or maybe even faster, I didn't realize she shot me too :-)
Some of my shots from today
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