Photowalk with Jayendra Sharan
2023, October 22
Because it is the autumn holidays next week and I am mainly at home with the children, I was able to go out on the street for a while today. Great to walk with Jay again.
From Amsterdam Central Station we walked through the entire center via Oostdok and Nemo.
I really enjoyed seeing how Jay helped me extra in the funny series that I sometimes look for. Especially when he showed me a toilet (with bookcase) on the canal on an electric house. I hadn't even spotted it myself.
On the next canal I pointed out to Jay again the strange things that are always in the disabled carts (Canta's). And he mentioned - look - this one with the toilet paper fits nicely with the image of the toilet. 
For example, if you make a book, you can display them nicely next to each other.
I like how you come up with a new idea together in this way.
Jay will be doing street photography in India next month. But we'll meet up again soon when he's back!
Jayendra Sharan at work
Some of Jayendra Sharan's shots from today
The toilet landscape
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
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