On the street with the IG Group
2024, January 14
Yes, we are with many! 
And yes there is a real enthusiastic street photography scene in The Netherlands that likes to walk, talk and shoot!
The first 2024 Instagram group photowalk in Amsterdam again. 

Rayanti: @rayanti
Roger: @pictorlux
Hakim: @hakim_ams
Stephen: @lakestephen
Sandra: @sandraldj
Genaro Manuel: @genaro_m 
Olivier: @impiccable

All of us at work
Some of Gabrielle van Rijn her shots from today
© Gabrielle van Rijn
Some of Yunu's shots from today
© Yunus
Made with the $20 disposable camera lens​​​​​​​ (on the Fuji)
Some of Stephen Lake's shots from today
© Stephen Lake
Check out this post.
Some of Sandra's shots from today
© Sandra Looren de Jong
Some of Seb's shots from today
© Seb
Some of Nancy Overgaauw's shots from today
© Nancy Overgaauw
IG: @_nancypicturesthis​​​​​​​
Some of Olivier's shots from today
© Olivier
Some of Roger Janssen's shots from today
© Roger Janssen
Some of Menno's shots from today
© Menno
Some of Dennis Sewberath Misser's shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
© Dennis Sewberath Misser