Photowalk with Ian Sewberath Misser
2023, October 23
With a bit of reluctance, but with the promise to visit the Lego Store, I managed to hit the streets today with 9-year-old Ian. But he said "not too long", after all it is my autumn holiday and "I don't plan on taking good pictures". No problem, let's go, jump on the back of my bike!
I parked the bike at the Beursplein after which we went to Dam Square via the Nieuwendijk.
From there we quickly got to the Lego Store and the task was completed.
So he had kept his promise of a short session.
A good lesson for me today ... where I'm thinking all the time to make the photo, my son really looks to see what something is. And if that's interesting, maybe making the photo.
And next to that ... calling with friends to meet up later to play is maybe also a better idea!
Ian Sewberath Misser at work
Some of Ian Sewberath Misser's shots from today
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Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
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