Photowalk with Iris.Straatfoto and Caspar Gim
2023, November 06
I'm not going to write too much here today. Just that we, Iris.straatfotoCaspar Gimand myself had just a great day, we walked around Amsterdam from 9am till almost 1pm. Covered everything in the City Center.  But most of all we had a real good laugh. Well actually laughed the whole time and tried different ways of shooting. In general we could conclude one thing - even if our photos are not good, we had fun. And that's the main thing being on the street. 
We came up with two new ways of shooting. The first one Iris came up with was "between the legs" which of course sounds completely wrong.
And at the end Caspar had the "on top of your head" shots.
All of us at work
The 3-person selfie in the big window was our biggest fun. Acting crazy in front of the window and not realizing that people were just having lunch behind it. I only saw it because I suddenly saw something moving. We quickly went inside to apologize (which wasn't necessary at all, they thought it was funny).
Some of Iris shots from today
Some of Caspar Gim's shots from today
© Caspar Gim
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
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