On the street with Caspar Gim
2024, January 26
Caspar is a real gentleman street photographer. Polite and modest.
I like the way he approaches someone. He doesn't just ask for a portrait photo. He asks them to relax and takes a more candid photo of them.
It's so fun to see his journey in photography over the past six months.
We started an early session at Amsterdam Central station where we happened to meet Rob Godfried on his way to an art exhibition. Rob is also a true gentleman, he picked up someone's bicycle that had been blown over by the wind. Oh well, someone has to do it, he said. After a short conversation and some Ricoh GR settings help (yes I endorsed the GR to him), we went into town.
We only made one small mistake, we went into the photo shop to look at some Leica Q's... At least we have now something to think about during the weekend.
Caspar at work
Some of Caspar Gim's shots from today
© Caspar Gim
IG: Caspar.film​​​​​​​
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​