On the street with Caspar Gim
2023, December 14
The year is almost coming to an end and I am very happy that I met Caspar with whom I walk on the street so much. And the good thing too - he never gets tired of all my talking.
Over the past year we have automatically lifted each other to another level. It is important to seek those who fan your flames. Thanks Caspar!

We saw another photographer on the street who was doing a commercial shot. 
We had a quick friendly chat with Pim Rinkens. Great to see most photographers are happy and kind people.
I said to Caspar that I think it's so cool that he went to the next step of asking people for a photo. And I said maybe I should do that more often next month too. Well... within 15 minutes a moment passed where it was completely automatic that I just had to ask. This man was so relaxed, smoking his cigarette out of his window. He was completely fine with it and just wondered why I wanted to make the image. I kindly mentioned it looked so relax, enjoying his moment. We had a nice short conversation about it and he told us how happy he was with how his window could be opened so he could stand comfortably.
And 5 minutes later I just had to do it again, in this case I only showed my camera and it was fine to photograph him with the dogs.
We walked for more than 4 hours and at the end we had a quick meet & greet with Antonio who went to Amsterdam with his father. How nice is that to have the same passion as your father!
Caspar at myself work
Some of Caspar Gim's shots from today
© Caspar Gim

Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Funny thing about this one above. Although I also wanted to photograph the alley. The lady from the corner shop was on a cigarette break and made excuses to be in the picture. When she sat down, I asked her if she could exhale the smoke so I could shoot it. Man...am I directing now already too? All in all...a good day making contact.