Photowalk with Caspar Gim
2023, September 19
After last Friday when I lost the quick draw duel on the street, it was time today for part 2 - Rematch!
Okay maybe not fair to sneak up on someone... hey but come on... we are street photographers and do this to everyone!
So this is what it looks like when you surprise a street photographer. I can say that this shot was a hit.
After Caspar recovered with coffee, we simply continued where we left off on Friday. This time we talked more and shot less. The great thing is how you inspire each other and give each other ideas.​​​​​​​
Sometimes you don't realize that you do things that are self-evident to you, but something new to someone else. I told Caspar about my annoying categories that I always want to photograph, such as Ducktape Canta's, Urban Nature, Restricted areas, Disneyland not in Paris, and so many more  from my Playground.
I was pleased to hear that Caspar found this very useful. Because we talked about this, I also realized that although I thought it was annoying to search for these kinds of things, it does put me in a fun and creative mood. 
I prefer to make a street scene that tells everything at once. Where all kinds of things happen. But that image is not always immediately present. Or often just not there at all. In the meantime you can keep on shooting  these things. This only increases the chance of being ready when that real street scene suddenly arises.
Caspar at work
Some of Caspar's shots from today
©Caspar Gim
Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
This image below is exactly one of those things I like.
I'm always drawn to the mess (and weeds) on the street. This in combination with the beautiful flowers behind the window is just perfect  for me. The contradiction of inside and outside. Of beautiful and ugly. And who comes off better now? Seems to me the weeds are freer.