Photowalk Caspar Gim
2023, November 16
Yesterday Caspar sent me a message asking if I was still walking in the city somewhere today. 
Unfortunately not... I had already locked myself at home for three days to make a new selection for my "Lost in Amsterdam" v2 book.  But three days off the street already felt like weeks... I was already getting withdrawal symptoms.
I had to go into town tomorrow to drop off my daughter for a mini schooltrip thing. So why not agree on something right away? Around 9.15 am we started walking a long walk from the Munt to... everywhere.
There was very little to do in the city so we definitely chatted more than we focused. Looking back at the photos, I was more concerned with vehicles than looking for scenarios.
In any case, it is always good to discuss photography and ideas.
Caspar at work
Some of Caspar Gim's shots from today
© Caspar Gim

Some of my shots from today​​​​​​​
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