Maybe back to Fuji X100V?
2023, July 12

** Update after 1 day **
Although the X100V is so beautiful and got so many great features.
I realise that I just love the way I shoot with the GR.
And in that matter, maybe there is no need to go back to the Fuji X100V.
I can use the X100V for other ways of shooting. For street however the GR works best for me.

I always want to simplify things.
Be it gear or even my post-process and the software I use. 
As Tyler Durden says in FightClub ~ "everything you own ultimately owns you".
December 2021 I sold all my Fuji prime lenses and decided to go for the Fuji X100V. But after 1 month the GR IIIX also came and I kind of ignored the X100V.
Until this week. Although the GR is always easy and quick to get out of my pocket, I also notice that I always shoot a bit too hasty. No problem, it's just my style (or that's what I made of it as an excuse). But lately I also miss the feeling of making an image.
So I took the X100V off the shelf again and first started playing a bit more to set the settings to my preference.
I like the physical buttons on the X100V but I couldn't change shutter speed and ISO that fast. But now I have set it differently.

The ISO wheel on C and the custom dial setting on the front wheel on ISO.
The Shutter Speed Dial to T and the custom dial setting on the rear dial to Shutter Speed.
Now I have the advantage that I can quickly adjust the ISO faster than on the GR.

With the GR I actually only shot on SNAP focus. Often at 3.5 meters, F8 and only a shutter speed adjustment.
Fortunately, you can also mimic this with just Zone Focus in Manual mode.
This gives you an extra advantage with the X100V, the red (or other color) highlight peaking.

To play with the X100V again, I also see additional advantages compared to the GR.

- Flash (even though I don't actually use it - nice to have if I want to try something creative)
- Flip screen, not necessarily just to see well in strange curves but more to be able to go unnoticed
- Viewfinder (both OVF and EVF), again this is not just for the feeling of looking better, this also works for me to be unnoticed, you can use the viewfinder to hide behind your camera so you won't be seen but in the meantime you see everything. On the GR I did buy the overpriced GV-3, but not to use as a viewfinder but more as a rescue tool if I was caught photographing someone, I quickly put the viewfinder in front of my eye and recomposed the so-called scene.
- Weather-sealing
- Video, with the GR a no go, with the x100v completely fine

And besides all this, one of the main reasons is your feeling and enjoyment with a camera.
Of course the best camera is the one you always have with you. But that's not the problem, I always have my camera with me. It's more about the best camera being the one that gives you the least friction. Which you quickly grab and which you quickly set up the way you want it at that moment.

Okay enough talk. Now to find a nice black and white, high contrast, little noise and grain recipe for the film simulation and then go outside. And to conclude with simplifying as said in the beginning, no camera bag, just a wrist strap.
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