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2023, April 25
That's something we want to believe. But maybe it's you that is changed.
Coincidentally, I am now reading a book from 1905 in which someone also says "Everything is so rushed these days". So wether it's 1905 or 2023 people are probably always the same.
It's also up to you what you want to take on or take in. For example the news items. Why do you want to hear everything? I'm not saying you should close your eyes to general news. But sometimes the headlines are enough. Don't suck everything up like a sponge, you will end up full of things you don't need. But they do affect you. I'm still watching the news in the morning on the television. I don't know why, it's my morning routine with coffee. But if you think about it, the news items aren't a happy start of the morning.
And within photography this is the same. You often hear that people made their best photos at the beginning of their careers. 
Is that perhaps because they were;
- less concerned about having to perform? 
- not bothered to meet someone's standard? 
- not thinking about to please the masses? 
- having fun making images? 

When I look at my own "old" photos I sometimes spot a good image there.
And then I'm frustrated that sometimes it just doesn't work out anymore today.
But we don't have to worry about this too much either. Just shoot and make your images, because  back to the future comes naturally. The photos that you make now will automatically become old in a while.
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