A publication for the unknown street photography artists in the Netherlands

2023, April 20

** Update **
I've setup a seperate website for this project
https://www.dutchstreetmagazine.com and  https://www.dutchstreetmagazine.nl

The reason to have this in english rather than in dutch is just to reach more people. Not only for visitors but also for the artists that live or work in the Netherlands.
Currently this is just one of my hundreds of ideas.

If I find similar street photographers that support this idea, this could become a real project.
Don't hesitate if you like the idea, just send me a message.

Unknown artists. We are with many. Much more than only the famous street photographers.
How can you show your work next to your social media account(s) or your own website?
Books, magazine, galleries are often not feasible.

You can see the most beautiful work on social media. Not necessarily from well-known street photographers or from photographers with many followers.

Often the gems are with the unknown.
Those who feel the street. Those who know what to create.Those who have something to tell. Those who don't crave for attention. 
Those who just want to show their work! Those just like you and me.

Anyway, we need and must show our work to the world. So that we know that our art exists. What's the use of making images if they are not out there?

So the idea is very simple:

Together we show our streetphotography images in a monthly online magazine
There is a maximum of 5 images per artist per episode
The images must have been taken in the Netherlands
You decide what you want to show. We only check whether it is not offensive or illegal
There are no costs to submit images, and there are no costs to view them
You retain full and exclusive rights to your own images
Your images will not be published anywhere else
Visitors can view or download the magazine (PDF) for free
No need to log in or commit to anything

What's in it for me?
I publish my images too and hope to reach more people to showcase my work.
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