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2023, March 16

I've tried it ...
Moved from Adobe lightroom to Capture One to Apple Photos to On1 to Luminar AI.
All are good, but some are better depended on your own preferences. One is better for organising and selections, the other one for developing.
The thing that moved me to look for something else than Lightroom was the subscription model obligation.
That was the only reason because Lightroom itself gave me everything I was looking for in organising and developing my photos.
If you can afford it, don't worry too much about monthly/annual license fees. Converted per year, that is perhaps one less trip to a restaurant or a day out.

Don't forget that this is about your passion in photography / making images.

For me, Adobe Lightroom simply works best. The conversion to black and white gives me faster and better results which I ultimately want in my black and white images. Another big advantage for me is that it is more stable and faster than the other software packages. The options for organizing and selecting are also a lot more extensive. Anyway, choose what works best for you.
And what is often underestimated is the Adobe MyPortfolio website. This means you do not have to purchase separate web hosting for your own website. Only buy a domain name and point it to your Adobe MyPortfolio website. 
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