Beauty Contest
2023, March 15
The second projection (season 2022/23) contest at the photoclub NAFVA.
The judging was done by Barend Houtsmuller.
In the category streetphotography serie I had the third price for "Strange Bike Rides".
He liked the grey tone in the images.
I had some more submissions. One more for streetphotography serie, which I found a bit better than this one "Hide and Seek". And three solo images for the category free.
The compliment he gave me was that he was very interested who the photographer was behind these images.
He even did a Google to find more about me.
I have added the other images here. But I'm not sure anymore which fifth one I had for the serie Hide and Seek.
Also the exposure, colorschemes and cropping are not correct. When I submitted the images I was working in Luminar AI and I have moved back again to Lightroom.
Free topic images
Barend mentioned that you can immediately see that this is a photo of Dennis.
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