Really a book?
2023, March 13
Yes, I've created my first book. Lost in Amsterdam, 144 images from 2020 till 2023 (March).
The main reason to create a book is to share my images so it exists in the real offline world and also to get some order in all my images. Only my personal favourite images are selected. 
When I started this I just added my black and white favorite ones without any subject. However the title came naturally. It shows exactly how I feel and how I move around in my hometown. I'm lost in Amsterdam. And I'm not the only one.
I would advise every photographer to make a book. No need to publish this as a "real" hardcopy book. But working on your selection of images will help you as well for your portfolio.
There is only a limited edition of one hard copy :-) But it's unlimited as an online gallery here!
** Update **
The more you shoot the more picky you become. For now the collection is no more than a large selection, but it will be cut back considerably.
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