Google Sites - Domains
2023, February 10

I am always trying to simplify my processes. 
The first step was the move in my gear, switching to the Ricoh GR IIIX. One camera that is always in my pocket. Shooting in snap focus. Most of the time I choose 3.5 meters with F8, minimum ss 1/100 and ISO auto. 
Second step is the software switch, from Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop to Luminar AI and Pixelmator Pro.
The third step is regarding my post process I made a base template with my favorite edits that I use as a base for every photo. To make the images that I like best and to remain consistent in my style. B&W High Contrast, a little bit low key, film grain and vignetting, curves for the blacks and whites a bit to the middle.
The fourth step is online - website hosting and domain, cloud-backup
Even though I was very satisfied with my local hosting provider, the costs were actually too much for what I used. I have moved the domain name and (this) website to Google Sites and Google Domains.
Google Sites is a very underrated website solution. I have been using this as a private family blog for 11 years now. So why not for my photographic images?
I save my images in Google Drive (not in Google Photos), so I immediately have an online cloud backup in the folder structure that I prefer. You have the free 20GB hosting which you can easily expand at acceptable costs.
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