My Template - Luminar AI
2023, January 27

Presets, templates, recipes or whatever the name is.
It is worth to save your post process edits.
By using the same template as a base, your images become more generic in your style.

I've created a custom "Image Control" in my Ricoh GR as well.
But I'm only using that setting to have an indication how the photo could look like.

I'm not saving the photo as RAW+JPG but only as RAW.
In that case the "Image Control" is not saved in the RAW file.
Having the RAW file is just to be more in control in case I need to adjust more in my image.

In Luminar AI I've created a template that comes closer to the style I like.
Small tweaks are still done depended on the photo - mostly only changing the curves and filmgrain. This gives me a perfect first base in my B&W High Contrast Style.
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