Stop begging for attention and recognition
2022, March 11
I'm a sucker for attention and recognition. It’s sad and desperate. And I hate it. And I don’t know why that need is so strong. Especially strange because I don’t care about a lot of things.  So, why do I have this hunger for appreciation of my own work? Why the social affirmation? We’re making photographs for ourselves, aren’t we? Do I like what I make? Yes. So stop whining. But ... but it’s hard to ignore and stop this ... Boohoo ... Just stop it.
It shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s common sense, but not common practise. The sketch from Bob Newhart – Stop It, makes it all clear just to stop it.
Many external factors have this negative effect on me, thinking I need to do better. Thinking that I need recognition and appreciation. It’s not the likes and comments on social media. I know very well how this works and how you can and should take it.
It is the competitions of photo clubs (online and offline). The more often you submit your photographs, the more you will compare yourself to the other submissions. Why does that photo win and not mine? Why aren’t you even in the top 5? Who is actually judging the photos? And if you look at the jury’s own work, you going to be unfair as well, because suddenly you can’t appreciate their work neither.
So all this can push you into a negative workflow. It gets even worse if you want to change and adopt a different type of shooting and making photographs just to please others. Maybe that competition or judge likes that style of photographs more.
Don’t waste your effort on recognition, but concentrate on your craftsmanship, give your full attention and focus to your work. On the final product you want to make. That is more satisfying and rewarding.
At the end remember, it is always a personal choice what people like or dislike in your photograph. Shoot for yourself and if somebody likes it as well, great, that is your extra reward.
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